An Epic Life: Ramanand Sagar: From Barsaat to Ramayan


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Ramanand Sagar Biography. The poignant book contains the personal memoirs written by a devoted son for his loving and ideal father.


About the Book Ramanandsagar – An Epic Life Barsaat to Ramayan; The recently released biography of Late Dr. Ramanand Sagar by Penguin India publications, a branch of Penguin Random House is written by his son, Mr. Prem Sagar titled, An Epic Life RamanandSagar, From Barasaat to Ramayan. The poignant book contains the personal memories written by a devoted son for his loving and ideal father. It details the life of Ramanand Sagar(birth name Chandramouli) from his birth in a small place called Asal-Guruke near Lahore in Undivided India in the year 1917 to his journey as a human being and a writer as he was destined to make the Ramayana series at the ripe age of 70 years for which he achieved worldwide fame and recognition. It also traces back his ancestry to the early 17th century to a wealthy Punjabi Khastriya Chopra family from Peshawar (current day Pakistan) who migrated to the valleys of Kashmir. The book is about the legendary man who once worked as a clerk and soap vendor, journeying to Bombay creating his first film Barsaat which was a massive hit and several other silver jubilee hits like Ghunghat, Zindagi, Arzoo, Ankhen, Geet, Lalkar to making history with the creation of television History&rsquo’s legendary RAMAYAN which as per BBC figures, had been viewed by over 650 million people worldwide of which, 40 million viewers regularly watched it on its first telecast. Setting a Limca Record for the World’s Most Viewed Mythological Serial.

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