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Anahata Chakra – High Quality Print of Artwork by Pieter Weltevrede

1,750.00 1,400.00

1,750.00 1,400.00
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Anahata Chakra – 4th Energy centre or The Heart chakra

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Anahata Chakra or the “Heart Chakra” is the 4th energy center located in the chest with the focal point of activation as heart. It is the balancing point of the three lower and three upper chakras. It is represented by a lotus with twelve petals. It is the energy center of compassion and desire. It is concerned with lungs, heart, and thymus gland. It correlates to the Air element. Air represents movement. When the Kundalini ascends to this Chakra, we move from material world towards divine. This Chakra is associated with the way we express our emotions and desires. The associated deity is Vayu who rides an antelope. The sound associated with this Chakra is Yam.

Printed on coated matte paper by inkjet printer.

Frame Not Included


Pieter Weltevrede


Coated Matte Paper

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