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Kamala – High Quality Print of Artwork by Pieter Weltevrede

1,750.00 1,400.00

1,750.00 1,400.00
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Kamala – A form of Lakshmi, one of the ten Wisdom Goddesses or the “Das Mahavidyas”

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Kamala is an aspect of Goddess Lakshmi – the goddess of wealth and prosperity and consort of Hindu God Vishnu, the preserver. She is shown as seated or standing on a lotus, and hence, got the name – Kamala. Kamala was emerged from the Kshir Sagar, the ocean of milk, when Gods and Demons churned it, known as Samudra Manthan. She is depicted four-armed goddess, standing on a lotus, holding a pot containing wealth, a lotus, and bestowing her worshippers with wealth and prosperity. She is cladded in white sari and white elephants are showering water on her.
Printed on coated matte paper by inkjet printer.

Frame Not Included.

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Coated Matte Paper

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