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Mars Yantra

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1,500.00 1,200.00

Mars Yantra – the sacred geometrical diagram to invoke planet Mars (Mangal).

Size Chart

Mars Yantra is a sacred geometrical diagram to invoke and seek blessings from planet Mars(Mangal). It prevents accidents and heals injuries and health problems and also resolves problems in marriage. The Yantra is contained in a Bhupur (a square with 4 T-shaped doors), the doors give access to the Yantra. The eight lotus petals represent 5 elements – Air, Fire, Water, Earth, and Sky, and 3 Gunas (vitrues) – Sattva (goodness), Rajas (passion) and Tamas (chaos). The upward triangle represents the masculine aspect of God and 8 downward triangles represent the feminine aspect. At the centre is the central point, Bindu, which is the most powerful part of the Yantra and represents the Supreme consciousness or the God, which is planet Mars (Mangal).
Printed on coated matte paper by inkjet printer, using ultra chrome inks with an off-white paper mounting with golden border, and encased inside a fibre frame with acrylic sheet cover in the front.
Frame Not Included.


Pieter Weltevrede


Coated Matte Paper

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