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Panchamukhi Hanuman – High Quality Print of Artwork by Pieter Weltevrede

1,750.00 1,400.00

1,750.00 1,400.00
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Panchamukhi or five-faced form of Hindu God Hanuman – an incarnation of the God of destruction Shiva.

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Hindu god Hanuman, the divine Vanar (monkey), is an ardent devotee of Ram—an avatar (incarnation) of Hindu God Vishnu. He is the son of Vanar (monkey) king Kesari and Anjana. He is also believed to be one of the avatars (incarnation) of Hindu god Shiva on Earth. Hanuman is shown here as Panchamukhi Hanuman, which means five-faced. The origin of Panchamukhi Hanuman is related to Ramayan. During the war between Ram and Ravana, Ravana’s brother, Ahiravana – the king of Patala, abducted Ram and Lakshman. When Hanuman entered Patala, he found that Ahiravana can be killed on if the five lamps kept in five different directions can be extinguished at once. Hanuman took the form of Panchamukhi Hanuman and blew air from all five faces, killing the demon Ahiravana. The five faces are of Hayagriva, Narasimha, Garuda, Varaha, and Hanuman’s  own face. Panchamukhil Hanuman has ten arms, holding Kalash (pot), Trishul (trident), snake, sword, bow, shield, Gada (mace), axe and mountain.

Printed on coated matte paper by inkjet printer.

Frame Not Included.

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Coated Matte Paper

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