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Radha Krishna – XII

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1,500.00 1,200.00

Hindu God Krishna with his Shakti and companion Goddess Radha.

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Krishna is the eighth incarnation of Hindu god Vishnu – the Preserver. Krishna is incarnated in the Dvapar Yuga, which is one of the epochs in the Hindu four-age cycle. He was born to Vasudeva and Devaki who were kept in captive in a prison cell by Devaki’s brother, Kansa, when Krishna was born. Krishna is a central character in the Hindu epic, Mahabharata, and had narrated the famous Hindu sacred text, Bhagvad Gita. He is shown with his companion Radha. Radha was a gopika – a cowherd girl. She is considered to be an avatar (incarnation) of Hindu Goddess Lakshmi. She was born in Barsana, a village near Krishna’s birthplace Mathura. Goddess Radha was mentioned first time in the text Geet Govinda, composed by a 12th century poet, Jaydev. The Love between Radha and Krishna is considered of highest spiritual level and devoid of selfishness. Krishna and Radha are depicted here as playing merrily in a swing along the bank of river Yamuna.
Printed on coated matte paper by inkjet printer, using ultra chrome inks with an off-white paper mounting with golden border, and encased inside a fibre frame with acrylic sheet cover in the front.
Frame Not Included.


Pieter Weltevrede


Coated Matte Paper

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