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1,500.00 1,200.00

Shukadeva – the son of Ved Vyasa and narrator of Bhagvata Purana.

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Shukadeva is the sone of Great Sage Ved Vyasa. Ved Vyasa had compiled the vedas into four types – Rigveda, Yajurveda, Samveda, Atharvaveda. Ved Vyasa was also the author of great Indian epic, the Mahabharata. Shukadeva is the main narrator of the Bhagvat Purana. He narrated Bhagvat Puran to King Parikshit, who was the son of Abhimanyu and grandson of Pandava Arjuna. Shuka was trained by and studied under King Janaka – the father of Goddess Sita, Brihaspati – the Guru of Devas, and his own father. He has renounced the worldly pleasure in search for realisation and lead a life of a ascetic.

Printed on coated matte paper by inkjet printer, using ultra chrome inks with an off-white paper mounting with golden border, and encased inside a fibre frame with acrylic sheet cover in the front.

Frame Not Included.


Pieter Weltevrede


Coated Matte Paper

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